Divided by 13 4x12B Cab ca. 2010


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On consignment from an estate we have a Divided by 13 4x12B cabinet in dark blue and white, 16 ohms, 110 watts. This cab is tested and works as it should, sounds great, no blown speakers, rattles or scrapes, good to go. Used cosmetics, light tears, scrapes and some dirt, but no abuse.


  • 4x12B – Dimensions: 29.75W x 30.25H x 15D, 98Lbs.
  • 2 Warehouse Reaper 12″ 30 watt speakers, diagonally loaded
  • 2 warehouse Green Beret 12″ 25 watt speakers, diagonally loaded
  • 16 ohms, 110 watts
  • caster sockets, but sorry, we do not have the casters