About Consignment. How does it work?

Consignment is the best way to get the most money for your instrument. When you sell an instrument directly to a shop they may only give you 50% of what the instrument will sell for. Consignment with The Guitar Trader guarantees that you receive as much as 80% of the retail value after your instrument sells.

Other shops might only display your instrument in their store or on their website but we promote your instrument nationally through our Reverb.com store. When your item sells we pay the Reverb.com fee and cover all of the cost of packing/shipping/insurance and provide the supplies. We handle every step of the process! We are motivated to sell your instrument for as much as we can because we are working for a percentage of the sale.

The best way to reach us to talk about consignment is to call (and please leave a message!) 828-253-2003 or email steven@theguitartrader.com Outside of our office hours you will most likely get the answering machine but we will absolutely call you back within 24hours. Our expert appraiser is here to establish the value of your instrument and expertly represent your instrument in high detail.

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If you have a rare and/or vintage instrument it is sometimes necessary to identify and photograph all of the components.  This is our specialty! We really enjoy doing the “deep dive” so we can accurately represent the instrument. This always leads to having a happy buyer and consignee.