Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb ca. 2020



On consignment we have a ca. 2020 Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb 1-12 25 watt tube amp w/optional cover. This amp is in mint condition, 100% stock, and is tested and operates as it should. Sounds great. Optional cover upgrade included, sorry no footswitch. I know they advertise these for snarl, but my observation is this amp has a great clean too, chimey with a small bit of grit, lots of presence, very nice . . . save some bucks!

SPECS– from the web– “The Black Magick Reverb Combo embodies the all-tube snarl and sweetness that define the Supro sound. Featuring analog spring reverb, 2-band EQ, and a master volume knob, the Black Magick Reverb was designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Two independent preamp channels can be linked together using the “1 + 2″ input jack to obtain fat tone, while utilizing only Input 2 will yield a more agile sound. The Black Magick Reverb’s 3-spring reverb pan is driven by both channels and then summed with the dry signal just before the master volume control. An updated, tube-based LFO circuit provides bias-modulated output tube tremolo with double the speed range of the original Black Magick.”