Schecter Synyster Gates Custom FR w/SGR-2A Case 2007 – Gloss Black w/Silver Pinstripes




On consignment we have a 2007 Schecter Synyster Gates Custom FR in black gloss with silver pinstripes in good condition. Includes Schecter SGR-2A hard case with keys. This is the slightly older Made In Korea version, which in our opinion is a higher build quality than current versions. This guitar is stock, including the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Invaders, which sound awesome. The current set up of this guitar has the Floyd Rose “blocked and locked” (see photo), easily undone if you want. The whammy bar and nut locks are included (see photo). This guitar weighs 8# 5oz, and is currently set up with 10 gauge DR Pure Blues with a string action of 1mm (top of crown 12th fret to bottom of low E string). Available local or ship via Reverb–

Condition– this is a one owner guitar that was played a good bit, but not abused. Solid good condition. Overall cosmetically this guitar shows light scratching and wear from playing, but nothing crazy. There is one good through the finish ding by the input jack (see photo), but no others, including on the headstock (see photo). The headstock face shows handwear and some age (see photo). The screws on this guitar show age, rust and some oxidization, as this guitar is from the South. The fingerboard is pretty clean, no divets and the frets are healthy. The back of the neck is pretty clean, no ring rash. The truss rod works as it should. The Floyd Rose shows a bit of age from wear and use, and is currently set static, as described above, but is fully functional and correct. The control and trem cavity covers still have the factory plastic on them. Overall a satisfying condition, hyper adjustable for custom set up, a nice unit. Again, this guitar was played, but lovingly. It does show age and use, solid good condition, but certainly not perfect, a player. The case is in good shape, too. No weird smells. These cases are expensive, but well worth it, very high quality.