Allen & Heath SR-416 16x4x2 Analog Mixer w/Power Supply ca. 1985



For sale we have a ca. 1986 Allen & Heath SR-16 16x4x2 Analog Mixer with original power supply. Made in England. This came to us from the home studio of an estate, was used often, but has not been used since 2020. It works, and works well, but does show some issues, so it is being listed as fair condition and sold “as is”. Please read below. This is a good mixer, and would be fun for analog explorations and tracking, or learning mixing. We also think it would be a fun project for somebody who likes to get into these old circuits and repair them . . . you kind of need to be one of those people to own a vintage mixer. A PDF of the original manual is readily available by searching for “SR-PLUS-OWNER-MANUAL-AP0076-PART-1”.

Condition– this has been checked on a fundamental level channel by channel with a microphone and headphones. All the channels work, but off the top, 3 show some issue, you might find some other issues with a deeper dive. The 4 groups are working, as is the 2-bus. The power supply works as it should, but is missing feet. Phantom power working, all EQ working. A good cleaning would likely serve this mixer well.

-Ch 6 is passing full signal through the groups, but only sending right straight to the 2-bus.

-Ch 10 2-bus is only receiving right, Group 1-2 is only getting 1.

-Ch 11 is doing the same as Ch 2

This is what we have found, we did notice things clear up with use. One could use this board as it sits to record, but will likely want to service it first. It has some crackly pots here and there, etc. Needs some love, but works as it sits. It is pretty fun to mess around with and dig in to an old mixer like this, old school!