Hello folks,

This week’s blog post is fairly short. Most days, I wake up pretty excited to learn new things, refine what I already know, and generally improve myself and the world around me. And then, I check my emails… For me, checking emails leads to procrastination. I tumble down the clickbait rabbit hole reading article upon article about music, guitars, and politics… You know the drill. Had I woken up and set about improving myself and the world in earnest, I would’ve had a productive morning (sans email-checking).

I strongly recommend you resist the urge to procrastinate by reading music articles online. You will almost certainly learn more by spending that time practicing your instrument, writing a song, working on reading music, or refining your soldering skills. That said, if you just can’t help yourself, here are my favorite places to get educated and inspired while killing time:

Reverb.com’s Blog – outstanding articles, updated regularly, compelling content.


Teoria.com – kind of dry, but a great way to include a little music theory into your day.


The Hub – an educational offshoot of MusiciansFriend.com


DIY Musician – a sub-site of CDBaby, lots of inspiring ideas here.


Sweetwater’s Tech Tips – these folks have the answers.


Sonicbids Blog – I don’t like their service, but I like their blog.



This post was written by Asheville based musician, songwriter, and shophand, Jackson Emmer.