Current Inventory

Ampeg AEB-2 Scroll Bass, handmade by Bruce Johnson  # 68, completed 12/21/2009, Style IV! Stock, vg+ cond. w/custom Cabbage Cases ATA flight case. Call for details.


Ca. 1965 Silvertone 1488, VG+ collectible cond., 100% original with original case


2002 Dell Arte Lead Belly 12-string w/HSC, rare, handmade, 1 of 20 made, g/vg cond., set up by master luthier Bob Rigaud

$2995 ON SALE

Ca. 1930 Tabu, Made In Hawaii, Koa Parlor Guitar, restored by Eisenman Guitars, vg. cond., quite rare


2007 Eastwood Sidejack DLX, OHSC, shop set w/DR pure Blues 11’s, VG cond., early version w/Burns Model 8 vibrato


Ca. 1935 Regal Archtop, good cond. fun player, chunky neck, made in Chicago


Ca. 1990 Seagull S6 CW Acoustic-Electric w/HSC, good cond., shop set with DR Rare .12s


Ca. 1930 Slingerland Maybell Resonator Banjo Soprano Ukulele, vg. cond. rare


2015 MORTone Electric Mandola prototype guitar conversion, shop set up with bag


Ca.2012 Epiphone Prophecy, vg. cond., upgraded Seymour Duncan p’ups w/coil tap, hardshell case


Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe CB3 Dual Tape Echo Emulation. VG+


JHS Bonsai 9-way Screamer Overdrive Pedal, Brand New.


Ca.1921-29 Oscar Schmidt Sovereign acoustic guitar, all koa, vg condition, plays, sounds, looks great. Rare.


2006 Eastwood Airline ’59 3P DLX in VG condition


Ca. 1985 Yamaha RX-21. Well maintained.


Early 70’s Univox 1245 60 watt tube head, rare, serviced and re-tubed


Marshall AVT412XA cab, 8 ohms, 200 watts, stock, vg. cond.


Tascam US-2X2 USB Interface w/optional power supply, good cond.


Mission VM-1 Volume Pedal, vg. cond.


Quilter Universal 3 Position Foot Controller, Brand New in the box


JHS 3 Series Hall Reverb, Brand New


Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Pedal, exc. cond


JHS Whitey Tighty Compressor Pedal, Brand New, USA made.


JHS Double Barrel V4 2-1 Dual Overdrive, Brand New, Made in America


Quilter Labs SuperBlock UK 25-watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal, Brand New


DOD FX25B Envelope Filter, Vg. cond.


Boss RC-5 Loop Station, mint in the box


1997 Guild A50-NT-E w/HSC, USA hand made OO/concert size, stock acoustic-electric, rare, VG cond. frest set up


1995-96 Fender Jaguar Special HH, Made in Japan, stock, exc. condition


1970 Giannini Craviola CRA12S, good con. w/chip case, rstored by luthier Bob Rigaud, Made in Brazil, solid spruce top, lam. Brazilian Rosewood b/s, rare


ca. 1995 American Acoustech ESVL-1 w/HSC and p’up, somewhat rare, USA made, all solid spruce top, cherry b/s, good. cond., shop set up


Ca. 1964 Martin Style 51 Mahogany Baritone Ukulele, vg+/near exc. cond, no repairs w/original case


Manuel Rodgriguez Model D Classical Guitar, vg. cond. w/hardshell case


Earthquaker Devices & Death by Audio “Time Shadows”, used,  exc. cond. w/box candy. #903 of 1000


Keeley Synth 1 Reverse Attack Fuzz Wave Generator, used, exc. cond.


JHS Series 3 Distortion, Made in USA, Brand New.


TC Electronics Vintage Overdrive, used, vg cond.


Empress Effects ParaEQ with boost, used, g/vg


Henretta Engineering Mr. White Tweak Boost, Brand New


JHS Morning Glory V4, Brand New


Early 80’s Roland TR-606, the real deal, vg cond.


ca. 1985 Alesis HR-16:B. Super rare. Stock, vg cond.


65amps London Pro 18 watt 1×12 tube combo amp w/heavy carry bag & footswitch

$999! ON SALE!

Early 80’s Fostex Mixer/Compressor, exc. cond. in the box, rare


JHS Crayon Preamp/Distortion/Fuzz, Brand New


JHS Mini Foot Fuzz V2, Made in USA, Brand New


Henretta Engineering Valley Reverb Pedal, a Guitar Trader exclusive, reverb/delay, factory modded w/tap tempo and tap tempo modes


JHS Muffuletta Distortion/Fuzz, Made In USA, Brand New


Ca. 1990 Premier (England) XPK birch shell pack, good condition w/fresh heads, Kick 15″ (d) x 22″ (w), Rack tom 10″ (d) x 12″ (w), Floor Tom 16″ (d) x 22″ (w)


ca.1985 Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer EH-5000 Ring Modulator, vg cond.


Boss ST-2 Power Stack Pedal, exc. cond.


Boss BCB-30 3 Pedal Case, exc. cond.


Xotic Effects Super Sweet Boost, good cond. in the box


Earthquaker Devices Talons High Gain Overdrive, good cond. in the box, a discontinued classic


2017 Lichty Guitars Custom OO, 14 fret, Pau Ferro B/S, Sitka top, Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, exc. cond., please call for details

$5999 ON SALE

2005 Northwood Guitars (John McQuarrie) R75 OM w/HSC, exc. cond., call for details


1960-61 Harmony H45 Mars Stratatone, VG+


2007 G&L Tribute Series S-500 w/original heavy bag, exc. condition


Ca. 1998 Danelectro U-2 RI, exc. cond. w/rare OHSC (tweed) and hang tags, first gen RI Made in Korea


Used Simon & Patrick Songsmith, vg+ cond. w/HSC, all solid, Made in Canada


D’Angelico Premier Series Bayside Concert Ukulele, mint condition


2012 Epiphone 50th Anniv. Sheraton 1862 E212T Reissue, VG+cond w/OHSC & COA, Gibson USA electronics, Fralin in neck pos. (original in case), only 1962 made.


1983 Peavey T-60 w/original “chainsaw” case, made in USA, exc. cond.


Souldier Straps, hand made in Chicago, very high quality, we keep a large assortment. A few of their dog collars, too!


Wampler Ego Compressor, used, exc. cond.


Supro 1303 Boost Pedal, exc. used cond.


Red Panda Labs Bit Map V1, vg cond.


JHS Little Black Amp Box Passive Amp Attenuator, Brand New


JHS Pedals 1966 Fuzz, batch 3 #10 of 20, used, exc. cond., w/all  box candy. Complete.


Ca. 1969 Fender Solid State Reverb Unit, includes original footswitch and hang tag


JHS Red Remote Pedal, Bran New


Early 80’s Suzuki RPM-40, full midi, rare.


1999 Line 6 Flextone w/floorboard. VG condition, carry bag for floor board, 1-12, 60 watts


Fender Blues Junior III, 1-12, 15 Watts, Exc. Cond.


Strymon Iridium Amp & IR pedal, exc. condition in the box


Early 80’s Korg DDD-5 Digital Programmable Drum Machine, a classic, good cond.


Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202 FX, good cond.


Henretta Engineering 4 Speed, Custom built, Green Zapper Auto Filter-Orange Whip Compressor-Pinkman Dirty Boost-Emerald Prince Preamp, vg. cond.


Used, MINT, Roc N Soc Original Saddle Drum Throne w/optional backrest kit


RYRA, The Tri-Pi Muff, Brand New, a favorite version of the early Tri-Muff. Handmade in USA


JHS Charlie Brown V4, Brand New, Made in America


Pigtronix Octava Micro Octave Fuzz, exc. cond. in the box


Ca. 2010 Gold Tone 5-string Cello Banjo w/OHSC in vg+ condition


Ca. 2015 Noel Booth Fretless Open Back Banjo w/HSC, exc. cond., 11″ 2 ply rim, rolled brass tone ring, please call for details


ca. 1972 Dobro DM36 “The Rose” roundneck resonator guitar, steel with nickel plating, McIntyre pickup, HSC, a player, made in USA.


2001 Rickenbacker 360/12 FG, EXC, collectible cond., including OHSC and candy


2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio, vg+ cond. w/OHSC and hang tags, wine rd with gold hardware, USA made


1985 Alvarez-Yairi DY-47, good cond. w/OHSC, p’up, shop set up, rare, MIJ


Ca. 2006 Line 6 Variax 300 w/gig bag, exc. condition


Ca. 1925 Supertone Parlor Guitar, vg cond., restored by Bob Rigaud, Brazilian Rosewood B/S, Adirondack Spruce top, call for details.


1958 Silvertone 1303 U-2, original, great neck!


MXR DYNA Comp, current, used, vg+


Ca. 1925 Melody Banjo Ukulele, Rare, Made in UK, original, vg. cond., exc. player


JHS Series 3 Flanger, Made in USA, Brand New


JHS Colour Box V2 Preamp Pedal, USA Made, Brand New


2021 UniSyn Second Sound, Mint Condition in box w/accessories and manual


JHS 3 Series Phaser, Brand New


ca. 2010 Korg Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station, midi in mod, good cond.


Korg SQ-64 Poly Sequencer, mint in the box w/optional midi cables


Boss ML-2 Metal Core Pedal, vg. cond.


Quilter Aviator Cub, Brand New in the box w/cover, 12″ speaker, 50 watts, 22 pounds!


2019 Amp Shop TR AB763 Twin Reverb Head, exc. cond., 65 Blackface handmade in Asheville w/lifetime (except tubes) warranty, high build quality


Ca. 1995 Fender Vibro Kind CSR Blonde, handmade USA, 3-10″ 60 watts, upgraded Weber Speakers, fresh JJ tubes, amazing amp


Quilter Aviator Mach 3 Combo, Brand New in the box w/cover, power up to 200 watts, 2 channels, 12″ speaker, 21 pounds!


RYRA, The 808, Brand New, pays tribute to a classic loved by blues players across the globe. Handmade in USA


JHS Pulp N Peel V4 compressor/preamp/DI, Brand New, USA Made.


Catalinbread Formula 5F6, VG cond., think 50’s Bassman


Henretta Engineering The Valley Reverb 2 in 1 Reverb/Delay pedal, a Guitar Trader Exclusive, Brand New, Stock


Henretta Engineering Green Zapper Envelope Follower, Brand New


Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, vg. cond., a classic