Current Inventory

1996 Santa Cruz OO Model, sn#32, ltd. ed. w/Dalbergia Spruceana b/s, German Spruce Top, 42 style body inlay, 12th fret SCGC logo, torch peghead inaly, vg. cond. w/ohsc, call for details


Ca. 1930 Tabu, Made In Hawaii, Koa Parlor Guitar, restored by Eisenman Guitars, vg. cond., quite rare


2020 Epiphone Les Paul 60’s Tribute Plus in stock vg+ condition w/HSC


2007 Reverend Manta Ray in near mint, stock condition w/OHSC


2009 National Style 1 Tricone Baritone Round Neck Resonator Guitar, OHSC, Highlander P’up System, Good + condition


2018 Gretsch 5230T Electromatic Jet FT w/Bigsby in Firebird Red, exc. condition


2011 Epiphone Casino 1961 50th Anniversary Limited Edition w/OHSC, COA and case candy, exc. condition


Ca. 2000 Superior Hawaiian Lap Steel Weissenborn style Square Neck Guitar w/TKL hard shell case & Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag p’up, good condition, great player.


Electro-Harmonix Black Finger Tube Compressor Pedal, used, g/vg cond.


Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe CB3 Dual Tape Echo Emulation. VG+


Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Multi Effects Processor, used, mint in the box.


JHS Bonsai 9-way Screamer Overdrive Pedal, Brand New.


2010 Fender USA American Standard Telecaster in black w/Fender Tweed hard case. Good condition.


Ca.1921-29 Oscar Schmidt Sovereign acoustic guitar, all koa, vg condition, plays, sounds, looks great. Rare.


2006 Eastwood Airline ’59 3P DLX in VG condition


2012 Epiphone Sheraton 50th Anniversary 1962 E212TN Limited Edition w/OHSC, COA and case candy


2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional int rare “Chicago Blue” finish, stock, OHSC. Classic 57 p’ups, big 50’s neck, 9# 2 oz.


Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation Lil Buddy, used, exc. cond.


Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation Downer, used, exc. cond.


Ca. 1985 Yamaha RX-21. Well maintained.


Early 70’s Univox 1245 60 watt tube head, rare, serviced and re-tubed


Marshall AVT412XA cab, 8 ohms, 200 watts, stock, vg. cond.


Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty Guitar Digital Entertainment Center 30-watt 1×10″ practice amp


Blackstar ID:Core BEAM


Tascam US-2X2 USB Interface w/optional power supply, good cond.


Keeley Compressor Plus 4-Knob Compressor Pedal, vg. cond.


Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue 22-watt 1-12 Tube Combo Amp w/footswtich, vg+/exc. condition, stock


Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King Spring Reverb, exc. condition in the box


2011 Heritage H-575 Hollow Body Vintage Wine Burst w/OHSC


Ca. 1920 Sovereign (Oscar Schmidt) Harp guitar, repaired & refretted to a fun/playable state, players cond., could use more work, quite rare


Ca. 2018 Sire Marcus Miller P7 Alder 4-string Bass, sunburst w/original heavy duty bag, EXC Cond.


2011 Taylor T3 Quilted Maple Natural near mint condition w/OHSC


2017 Fender MIM Standard Baritone Tele, Lake Placid Blue, modified w/Warmoth USA 24-fret bari neck, Grover locking tuners, stock body/electronics, HSC.


1995-96 Fender Jaguar Special HH, Made in Japan, stock, exc. condition


2014 Sierra SAS40CE Auditorium Acoustic-Electric w/upgraded electronics and hard shell case. VG+


Ca. 1964 Martin Style 51 Mahogany Baritone Ukulele, vg+/near exc. cond, no repairs w/original case


Earthquaker Devices & Death by Audio “Time Shadows”, used,  exc. cond. w/box candy. #903 of 1000


Keeley Synth 1 Reverse Attack Fuzz Wave Generator, used, exc. cond.


JHS Series 3 Distortion, Made in USA, Brand New.


TC Electronics Vintage Overdrive, used, vg cond.


2020 Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top – Aged Cherry Burst in near exc. condition


Eastman AR810CE acoustic/electric, custom dual p’up system (Kent Armstrong/K + K), quality neck repair w/case


Empress Effects ParaEQ with boost, used, g/vg


Henretta Engineering Mr. White Tweak Boost, Brand New


Morley Pro Series II Wah Pedal, used, good cond.


Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine, used, good cond.


Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation Sneak Attack, used, exc. cond.


JHS Morning Glory V4, Brand New


Early 80’s Roland TR-606, the real deal, vg cond.


ca. 1985 Alesis HR-16:B. Super rare. Stock, vg cond.


Peavey KB-3 12″ Keyboard/Utility Amp, 60 watts, 3 channels, good cond.


65amps London Pro 18 watt 1×12 tube combo amp w/heavy carry bag & footswitch


Fender Mustang 40GT Amplifier


2012 Bogner Amps Goldfinger 45 w/footswitch, exc. cond.


Early 80’s Fostex Mixer/Compressor, exc. cond. in the box, rare


Akai E2 Headrush Delay/Looper, exc. cond. in the box w/all goodies


1960-61 Harmony H45 Mars Stratatone, VG+


2017 Taylor T5z Custom LTD Blackheart Sassafras  in near mint condition w/OHSC.


2007 G&L Tribute Series S-500 w/original heavy bag, exc. condition


Ca.1950 Regal Lap Steel in vg+ condition w/ original DeArmond pickup


2014 ESP LTD TL-6 thinline Acoustic electric guitar, heavy duty Gator bag, stock, exc. cond.


Ca. 2015 Recording King RK-20 5-string resonator banjo, vg cond


Wampler Ego Compressor, used, exc. cond.


Supro 1303 Boost Pedal, exc. used cond.


JHS Series 3 Reverb, USA made, Brand New


JHS Little Black Amp Box Passive Amp Attenuator, Brand New


JHS Pedals 1966 Fuzz, batch 3 #10 of 20, used, exc. cond., w/all  box candy. Complete.


TC Electronic Spark Booster, used, good cond.


Ca. 1969 Fender Solid State Reverb Unit, includes original footswitch and hang tag


2014 Taylor 324 Grand Auditorium, stock, good condition. Solid mahogany top/back, HSC.


JHS Red Remote Pedal, Bran New


Meris Enzo Multi-voice Instrument Synthesizer Pedal, used, exc. cond.


Moog Moogerfooger MF-107 Freq Box, used, g/vg cond., w/supply. #0700.


Early 80’s Suzuki RPM-40, full midi, rare.


Early 90’s Kurzweil K-1000, 76 keys, tons of sounds, good cond. w/heavy case


2013 Fender Custom Princeton Reverb, 12 watts, manual, cover, footswitch, new tubes, upgraded reverb tank, Warehouse G10C speaker, exc. cond.


Ca. 1995 Mesa DC-2 Dual Caliber w/footswitch, 22 watts


1999 Line 6 Flextone w/floorboard. VG condition, carry bag for floor board, 1-12, 60 watts


Egnater Tweaker 15w Tube Head, exc. cond., new tubes


Avatar G212 Contemporary 2-12 guitar cabinet w/Celestion G12 Alnico Gold speaker & G12H30, 8 ohm, exc. cond.


Strymon Iridium Amp & IR pedal, exc. condition in the box


Early 80’s Korg DDD-5 Digital Programmable Drum Machine, a classic, good cond.


Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202 FX, good cond.


Ca. 2010 Gold Tone 5-string Cello Banjo w/OHSC in vg+ condition


2020 Fender American Original 60’s Thinline Telecaster in Surf Green (lacquer) w/OHSC and case candy, good condition


1958 Silvertone 1303 U-2, original, great neck!


Palatino VE-500 3/4 Electric Upright Bass, includes factory gig bag and body bar.


2016-17 Martin Custom GPCPA4 RW GT GC  Grand Auditorium  w/ stock Fishman F -1 p’up system & OHSC. Solid rosewood and Sitka.


MXR DYNA Comp, current, used, vg+


JHS Series 3 Compressor, Made in USA, Brand New


JHS Series 3 Overdrive, Made in USA, Brand New


Early 80’s Ibanez CP9 Compressor/Limiter, MIJ by Maxon, fair cosmetic but works well.


Boss RC-1 Loop Station, used, good cond.


TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, used, good cond.


2011 Fender American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster Maple Neck w/OHSC


Mission EPI-KP expression pedal for Kemper Profilers, used, clean.


Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb, used, vg cond.


Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer, used, good cond.


Ca. 1967 Teisco ET-230T “Sharkfin” Candy Apple Red


2021 UniSyn Second Sound, Mint Condition in box w/accessories and manual


JHS 3 Series Delay, Brand New


ca. 2010 Korg Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station, midi in mod, good cond.


Akai Professional RPM500 Studio Monitors w/stands, vg. cond.


1998 Mesa Rocket 44, 45 watts, has a “pop” when channel switching, discounted


Fender Super-Sonic 112 2-Channel 60-Watt 1×12″ tube combo w/original footswitch, good cond.


Ca. 2002 Dr. Z Maz JR NR, 18 watts class A, vg cond.


Avatar TB-153 15″ Bass cab, 8 ohms, 450 watts, vg cond.


Korg SQ-64 Poly Sequencer, mint in the box w/optional midi cables


Boss ML-2 Metal Core Pedal, vg. cond.


JHS Superbolt Overdrive V2, Brand New